First, the hood use and maintenance guide
1, hood power outlet must have a reliable baseline to use special socket;
2, the hood installation height must be appropriate, in accordance with the instructions to install a good hood, is usually installed in the height range between 650mm to 750mm, installed just above the stove, so can guarantee not meet, but also ensures that the hood effect;
3, should be opened in the hood before cooking 1 to 2 minutes, remove the fumes have been better results; After cooking, continue to power 1 to 2 minutes to completely drain the residual fumes.
4, in order to avoid the hood noise or vibration is too large, drip, leak and other phenomena occur on the hood should be cleaned regularly to avoid the motor, turbine oil surface viscous oil smoke too much.
5, the use of hoods to maintain air circulation in the kitchen, so the air inside the kitchen to prevent a negative pressure pumping capacity to ensure the hood.
6, replace the lamp power can not exceed the maximum marked on the lamp base nearby and instructions. Otherwise, it will make the temperature of the wires connected to the lamp holder and lamp holder too high, accelerated aging wire insulation, causing a potential risk of electric shock, or even cause a fire.
7, oil cup of waste oil, accrued to eight full time, will it pour abandoned, in order to avoid overflow.
8, filter, hood cleaning:
⑴ unscrew the screw fixing nets.
⑵ will remove the filter, cover mild detergent in warm water to soak for 5-10 minutes.
⑶ with a soft plastic brush the dirt filter pores clean, dry cloth and then dry.
⑷ Press to remove the front of the dress looks better than the filter cover. After
⑸ installed, check the oil is smooth and seals the appliance on whether volute seal.
⑹ Click period specified in the instructions for cleaning the filter, cover.
9, kitchen doors and windows suck impact on net fume hood: the user must keep the kitchen range hood ventilation, so not only can improve fume hood to suction ability, they can make when gas or other fuel combustion have sufficient oxygen, also can reduce the influence of gas or other fuels for smoke suction capacity.

Second, the stove use and maintenance guide
1, according to state regulations, general household stove life span of eight years, after the expiration of the user should be scrapped to avoid risks.
2, regular checks of gas pipeline leaks at the interface, rubber hose is intact, whether the aging cracks, should be replaced if it is found.

The steps are:
① Please user configuration soapy water for leaks.
⑵ open vent valve, so air flow.
Are ⑶ check for leaks at valve connection (for LPG): dip a small amount of soapy water, drop in the gas tank valves and connections, see if there is bubbles, you need to consult the user to replace the valve.
⑷ Check whether the interface connecting hose leak: test with the detection method.
⑸ If the above method is still not able to lift air leaks, you need to home maintenance
3, using the user stove, the fire should be cleaned regularly cover the fire hole to prevent blockage, and should regularly clean up the dust, cobwebs and other debris inside the stove.
4, after the stove cover fire damage, be sure to buy original products, can not be replaced, so as to avoid burning bad state.
5, when the intake hose long-term use of aging or damaged, the formation of security risks. Thus the intake hose aging phenomenon should be replaced, continue to use and must not use sticky tape to fill later.
6, the use of artificial coal gas or other special gas source users, need frequent cleaning of the fire cover the fire hole to prevent clogging.
7, the gas source is different, use of gas stoves should also be different, which is in the purchase note. You can use if you are using a gas source is changed, be sure to ask your stove factory accordingly after the transformation.
8, the use of gas stoves, people do not stay away from. In the event of leakage or due to accidental causes (wind, water overflow, etc.) when the flame goes out, you should immediately turn off the gas supply master switch, open windows and doors, rapid ventilation, remember not to fire or electrical switches, to prevent spark to detonate gas.

Third, the sterilizer use and maintenance guide
1, disinfecting cabinet should be placed no debris around the dry and ventilated place.
2, dishes must be clean, dry before putting into the water disinfection cabinet, some users of the utensils with water, placed in the cabinet without regular electricity, resulting in sterilizer various electrical components and metal surfaces wet oxidation. In case of contact resistance at the infrared heating tube socket, easy to burn tube socket or other components, shortening the life of the sterilizer.
3. Wash and drain cutlery should be placed in Xiaoduwangui after disinfection and sterilization time can be shortened so reduce power consumption. Plates, cups and other utensils should be placed vertically in shelves, it is best not to stack, so ventilation and disinfected as soon as possible.
4, when ozone disinfection is prohibited to open the door, to avoid leakage of ozone. Therefore ozone cabinet at this time has reached a certain concentration of ozone will open the door if all released, while high concentrations of ozone can disinfect though, but for people, the environment is very harmful. When pasteurized, non-open doors, avoid high temperature burn.
5, after the doors do not open immediately, wait 20 minutes before opening the door, to make a better sterilization, and secondly to make the reduction of ozone disinfection cabinet. When you open the door there is a small amount of ozone overflow, but this time the ozone concentration is harmless to human health.
6 found a quartz tube heating does not heat, indicating disinfection cabinet out of trouble, you should stop using, please contact customer service.
7, after a period of time to regularly clean the inside and outside surfaces, so sterilizer kept clean and sanitary. When the cleaning and disinfection cabinet, unplug the power cord with a clean damp cloth to wipe the inner and outer surface disinfection cabinet, prohibit water shower sterilizer. If dirty, can be cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in a neutral detergent, then wipe clean with a damp cloth detergent, water and finally with a dry cloth. When cleaning, be careful not to strike the heating pipe or ozone generator.
8, pay attention to the use of ozone sterilizer ozone generator is working, who can not hear the squeak of the high-pressure discharge cargo discharge can not see blue, indicating that ozone generator may be faulty, should be timely maintenance.
9, the day the power once, so both play the role of disinfection, but also extend the life of the sterilizer.

Fourth, electric maintenance guide
1. Power Select
Press the switch alone I, electric water heaters to Shu-speed power heating work. Pressed alone switch II, II-speed electric water heaters with heating power work.
When the rocker switch I and II have been pressed down, the electric water heater to I + II full gear power heating work.
2. The temperature regulation
Clockwise rotation of adjustment knob temperature increase, counter-clockwise rotation of the knob temperature lowered to the lowest state when the rotational power is turned off, the water heater no longer heating.
3. Temperature Display
One way: electric water heater front water table can be rough indication of changes in water temperature, water temperature indicator showing direction from left to right. Second way: digital display on the control box electric heater current temperature value.

You must first disconnect the power supply before 1. Clean the electric water heater, unplug it, to ensure that no dangerous contact before they can be cleaned.
2. Clean the surface of the water heater, you can not spray water directly. It does not allow the use of gasoline, polishing powder or strongly acidic volatile substances, strong alkaline detergent to clean the surface, as this may damage the product.
3. When cleaning, use a wet towel dipped in a little neutral detergent gently wipe the surface of the water heater, clean with a dry towel after the completion of the surface can be.
4. When the water heater unused for long periods, disconnect the power, unplug the power cord, and emptying the water heaters. When empty, you must power off, and then close the inlet valve, unscrew the nut sewage outfall on, open the hot water outlet pipe or the mixing valve is opened and rotated to the hot water position (to allow air to enter when emptying liner, quick emptying) water storage tank can be emptied.
5. Regularly (about a year) scale and the interior clean electric tube on the precipitate, in areas of high scale, the user can enter the water at the front pretend scale devices.
6. Periodically (about a year) to replace the magnesium rod, magnesium rod installed in the sewage outfall and the bile.
7. tested at least once a week validity leakage protection switch, is: in case of power by "trial on the plug
Test / off "button, leakage protection switch" popping "sound off the power, when the power supply is completely cut off, the water heater does not work, then press the plug on the" Reset "button to restore power plug, this time powered heaters , indicating leakage protection switch is working properly. If you find leakage protection switch is abnormal, please stop using the electric water heater, turn off the power, and with the company after-sales service department repairs.

Burning hot Maintenance Guide
Prevent freezing method

In winter, in cold regions, since the residual water inside the water heater will be frozen, the water heater will be damaged. To prevent freezing, should be handled according to the following methods.
Note: Due to the freezing of water pipes and cause the water heater is not working properly, and not within this method of prevention.
• drain
1) Turn off the cold water valve ②
2) Open the hot water valve ③
3) The water temperature adjustment knob ① spin to "low" position
4) Remove the drain valve ④ complete drainage.
Before using again, replace the drain valve ④, must confirm the heating water valve normally closed heating valve ③, before they open the gas main valve ignition operation.
If the appliance is still using frozen, anomalies can occur, so after freeze melted in the confirmation of each part of the action to normal before re-use.

■ Daily Guidebooks
Always check the gas supply pipe (rubber hose) is intact, with or without aging, crack. Attention to regular replacement of rubber hose, frequently at the soapy water in the hose connection to check for bubbles appear, it is determined whether the leak, try to stop the leak.
• always pay attention to whether the water leakage so that timely treatment.
• pay attention to the use of the flame is normal combustion. Often the appearance of dirt with a damp cloth, wipe the dirt, then wipe with a dry cloth, easy to remove dirt available neutral detergent erased.
• For plastic products, printing crystal, surface coating, etc. should not wash with a strong adjustment, the day that water, gasoline for cleaning.
• ignition motor parts dirt wipe clean with a dry cloth to ensure ignition quality.
• Keep all parts of exhaust flue smooth, non-clogging flue.
• Always check the condition of the power line, a ground line reliability, flue cleaning, turn off the power.

■ Service
1, the time of purchase, please open the formal invoice seller, and filled out clearly the date of purchase together with this warranty card is used together.
2, read the warranty card maintenance requirements' with good maintenance.
3, please you more valuable advice.
1, within the warranty period of one year, your use in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions and precautions fail under normal use, I give free maintenance service points.
2, commissioned by the service points for service 'Please bring this warranty card, invoice iiES qualified to handle maintenance.
3, although within the warranty period, such as the case of the following, as appropriate, collect the appropriate repair costs.
① improper use due to the installation, did not follow the requirements described in, causing breakdowns.
② Because accidentally dropped 'collision sincere breakdowns.
③ damage due improper self-assembly and disassembly, repair, and caused the fault.
④ not show the warranty card
4, warranty card Please save without replacement.
5, more than three packs deadline, we service points the same enthusiasm for your service, only to recover the fee.

■ The food packaging kit as follows:
(1) Water Heater host 1 (2) water supply hose connector 1 (3) Gas inlet hose connector 1 (4) gasket 1 (5) Instruction 1 (6) Warranty card 1 (7 ) flue 1 set (8) certificate 1

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