1. Service Mode
All products, service by selling the company's customer service department to bear. All consumers are able to enjoy a unified standard of customer service.

The company's products and service to self-service-based services with special service outlets, forming urban and rural areas across the country improve the services network. Currently 29 major cities in the country has customer service centers, more than 100 cities with direct service staff, more than 1,400 special service outlets throughout the country, even in the more remote areas, consumers can enjoy the lifelong service .

For the rural market, mainly service outlets will be borne special maintenance work. All authorized service outlets, which for the substantive standards of service consumers, the secondary market is entirely consistent with. Users can 24-hour telephone service center, service request, we will select the nearest repair outlets provide on-site service.

2. Maintenance training and technical support 
According to the county network maintenance weak, backward technology and other features, training manager technical service center in each province of the county and township-level service points carry out targeted training, aimed at improving service standardization, maintenance and other technical capabilities outlets, do certificates. Technical Department headquarters produced a special on-site service instruction manual and training CD, in order to quickly grasp the network service processes, installation techniques, common fault repair technology. Meanwhile, the network can use the Internet online QuickFind system to query ordering parts, to check technical documentation.

3. Internet-based service management software
We have access to the Internet network from Internet access to services management software, so from time to time to accept service dispatching, and feedback service is completed, the use of the mail system to order accessories. For there is no Internet access capability of the network, it can still get to send workers by phone, fax, etc., to your service center is the case of dispatching specialized team management and tracking manually send orders.

4. Service monitoring and visits
Due to the customer's phone and service needs handled by the unified call center, so from dispatching to the network, to the service finalized a return visit, the whole process was done in service call center team and overseeing service centers dispatching service management software, to ensure that the closed-loop control service.

5. Outlets settlement management
Companies use SAP software to manage network billing, accurate and efficient settlement efficiency, to ensure timely settlement of authorized service outlets to cost, enthusiasm and cooperation so as to ensure the stability of outlets.

6. Parts Supply Management
Customer service in the country with 30 parts interim storage and accessories can be close to distribution, to ensure that all orders given to respond within 24 hours. For a customer to wait for emergency orders are shipped by courier way to allow customers the shortest time for repairs.

7. Three Guarantees strict implementation of provisions and other services
Produced by the company, sales of products, in strict accordance with the national "Three Guarantees" for repair, replacement and return. Product machine repair period of one year, the main components for repair 3 years. The definition of the main components of the national "Three Guarantees" content requirements. Lifelong provide on-site service (including debugging, maintenance, replacement doors and the like); services the city / town Telephone booking site service within 24 hours, other regions telephone appointment no more than two days of on-site service; the actual situation for the rural market characteristics and different regions timely conduct roving maintenance services flexible services to ensure remote, rural farmers dispersed users get timely maintenance.

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