Bully electrical distributors of standardized management:
1, in order to bully electrical terminal to perform manual as the basis for a unified image management terminal stores;
2. The bully electrical terminal stores terminal VI norms and external decoration;
3, the company headquarters have the right to know their business conditions;
4, is limited to the sales bully electrical products;
5, enjoy bully electrical distributors specifically for special products, and enjoy the protection and promotion of regional support;
6, enjoy a certain proportion of advertising and decoration subsidy according to bully electrical product sales;
7, shall purchase from the bully Electric Company Headquarters designated distribution centers;
8, dealers purchase price shall be a unified national ex-factory price;
9, bully electrical products retail prices are subject to the highest bully Electric Company headquarters, the minimum retail price;
10, bear the after-sales service obligation bully electrical products in the region.

Dealer store location of basic principles:
1, can be relatively dense drapery rich regions, should be located in the affluent township point above, but in order to ensure that dealers reasonable profit as a precondition;
2, the general area the general control of the prefecture-level city of more than store location in the commercial busy area or mature professional market area;
3, the density should be considered as much as possible to build stores shared information resources, and facilitate the distribution of goods;
4, the local bully Electric brand awareness is not high, generally considered the first site promotional activities;
5, when the local mall as the main stores, developers should consider the venue of the store shops or counters;
6, eligible to apply for dealers handling the store, it is necessary for the local market sales of kitchen appliances with more in-depth analysis.

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