1, system management support:
Tailored careful market launch programs to address the auto market to start problems, including: shopping guide staff training and operational management practices, network construction, management policies and agreements, customer records management practices, all types of management practices, new store opening promotional program.

2, the material support:
1) provide free broad brand and our distributors, advertising films, service manuals
2) proportional allotment free product manuals, leaflets, single page
3) terminal image material, umbrellas, aprons, shopping bags and other materials Gifts

3, the terminal building support:
1) The design image free from the headquarters, the national unified standard image of the terminal material 2) the cost of support, terminal planning activities.

4, training support:
1) establish an advanced training system, so that dealers rapidly growing ranks of business, and strive in the shortest possible time into the role.
2) product knowledge training, marketing training, shopping guide skills training, service training.

5, the market model support:
According to market conditions and the size and other factors, select the model of the market, focusing on providing support and effort to build.

6, after-sales support:
1) Full comprehensive advisory assistance services: to provide timely, efficient, attentive service and timely solutions to the dealer worries 2) Product quality processing support: the bulk of the product quality problems, the identification of the seven days after within a given replacement treatment
3) Regular customer visits
4) Quantitative vulnerable parts free support
5) Support aftermarket fee

7, promotional support:
1) strengthen the branding efforts, build strong brands
2) to provide effective marketing programs, including the pooling of resources for market assault
3) the cost of support
4) regular holiday promotional support

8, engineering support:
1) Project integration solutions support
2) a model project support

9, franchisee support:
1) building programs to support the franchise system

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